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Clear Aligners (Invisalign)

Clear aligners are a comfortable and aesthetic alternative to traditional braces. The aligners are sometimes referred to as invisible braces due to their subtle appearance. The aligners are transparent and custom made to fit to snugly fit each individuals teeth.

Image by Hà Nguyễn

We can provide clear aligners to both adolescents and adults of any age who want to change the appearance of their smile.


Some common reasons to seek out clear aligner treatment include. 


- Misaligned teeth (crowding)

- Gaps in between teeth 

- Previous orthodontic treatment with teeth having moved since

- Correcting a sub-optimal bite

- Aligning teeth prior to extensive cosmetic treatment


Treatment time can vary from 4 months for a simple case to up to 18 months for a complex case. The aligners must be worn full time, only being removed to eat and drink. 


If you are interested in clear aligner treatment to improve the look of your smile or for any other reason, our dentists at Glebe Point Dental can provide a personalized assessment and consult you regarding the process.

To find out more please feel free to reach out on 02 9660 1862 or find out more by contacting us by clicking below.

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