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Periodontal Care

Taking care of your gums protects your teeth

Periodontal care refers to maintaining the health of your gums, which are as important as your teeth. Gum disease and also classified as gingivitis, can affect your bite and ability to chew, as well as cause unhealthy gums which can bleed and cause bad breath (Halitosis).

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Protect Your Gums with Our Periodontal Care Services

If the gums recede, which happens when periodontitis remains unchecked, your teeth can become loose and even fall out. You can also develop infections or problems with your jaw bone. There is often no Pain with gum disease and some risk factors include smoking, diabetes and genetics.


Glebe Point Dental wants to help you keep your gums healthy.


At Glebe Point Dental, we help our friends in the Glebe community and nearby areas around Sydney learn how to keep their gums healthy. This starts with regular dental checkups and quick attention to any periodontal problems that arise.

If gum disease is not advanced, we start with simple, Treatment methods: 


  • Remove plaque and calculus (tartar) from the teeth at the gumline

  • Cleaning below the gumline towards the teeth roots

  • Counselling on oral hygiene to reverse current gingivitis (early gum disease) and prevent future problems like periodontitis.


If periodontal disease has become serious, a periodontist (gum specialist) must sometimes take a more aggressive approach to periodontitis treatment: 

  • Pocket depth reduction to remove space for bacteria to accumulate

  • Bone grafting to regenerate healthy bone tissue

  • Root coverage for exposed surfaces

  • Dental implants to replace missing permanent teeth


We always recommend regular follow-up visits with a customised oral hygiene treatment plan to stop any recurrence of periodontitis. 


Our Dentists may suggest continuing with antimicrobial treatment to fight bacteria.

Don’t wait to get the periodontal care you need

The best way to treat gum disease (gingivitis and periodontitis) is to stop it before it starts or when it’s still in the earliest stages.


Reach out to Glebe Point Dental today for a checkup to make sure your gums are in good health. 


We are an independent boutique practice providing expert dental care and proudly supporting the Glebe community for 35 years. We offer emergency appointments and always welcome new patients! 

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